The Dragon Archipelago

Country: The Dragon Archipelago

Capital City: Dragon’s head island

Colours: Various, each pirate captain has a flag.

Symbol: As above

Races: Elves. There are minimal outside races that are included and treated as equals.

Government: Republic led by the Council of Salt and Steel.

Religion: Most pirates are considered religious and highly superstitious, many worshipping Talos, the god of storms.

Resources: The Council of Salt and Steel allows a group of specific traders to an Island and the end of the Dragon Archipelago. Here they trade for good they need and sell of ill-gotten gains.

Description of Major Cities: Inside the largest mountain on Dragons Head Island, rest the capitol city of ‘’. Each of the Council of Seven has their own island with settlements and then at the end of the Dragon Archipelago is the trading settlement of ‘’.

History: No one is really sure when the pirates first banded together, but there have been several generations of the Council of Salt and Steel. The Council has written their own code called the Articles of the Sea. These codes dictate how a pirate shall act and has to sign a letter of agreement when taken on board to serve under a captain.

Physical: Most look fearsome, as they have fought in many battles and spent most of their days at sea. As such their skin is scared and marked by the sun. Most pirates have several tattoos and piercings.

Mannerisms: Living in a civilization where personal freedoms are held to a high regard, the could be a perception of lawlessness from an outside society. Most behave in lewd behaviours, constantly fight with each other and engage in debauchery.

Weather patterns: A mixture of weathers on the sea.

Magic: Every ship has a sage. These are deeply religious pirates that pray for favour to Talos. Sages also tend to any medical nature the ship requires.

Language: Sea elves speak their own dialect of elvish, which is quite different to the land elves. It is a very quickly spoken language and considered simple by other elves. They will not use 2 words when 1 will do. Some elves had learnt common so that they can be useful as traders.

Cuisine: A diet rich in seafood and island fruits and vegetables.

Leisure: In their downtime from sailing, most spend their time on any number of islands. On which have many inns where the pirates spend most of their time drinking and gambling.

Transport: Various boats between the islands. Horse and cart on islands.

Weapons: Pirates prefer simple and quick, light weapons.


Customs: Initiation rites vary between the individual captains for each crew. Some brand, others tattoo. The more vicious practice scarification.

Superstitions: A highly superstitious lot and believe in many things that attribute to luck. Such as that Cats brought luck. If a cat was thrown overboard, a storm and very bad luck would follow. A ship that is cursed with bad luck is said to be jinxed. Women were said to bring bad luck on board because they distracted the sailors from their sea duties. This kind of behaviour angered the intemperate seas that would take their revenge out on the ship. Mariners have long held the belief that whistling or singing into the wind will "whistle up a storm". Pirates that hadn't paid their debts were blamed for storms and any other misfortunate events that would occur on the ship.

Education: Most learn a trade at a young age.

The Dragon Archipelago

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